Marks on a Palm in Palmistry

Squares in Palmistry

The squares can be of two types: protective and limited.

Protective squares save and take care of a person. They can be visible on the break in the lines. This good sign represents that a person overcomes the obstacles in the sphere this line is responsible for.

The square on the line of life, surrounding the place of break is called limited. It is a symbol of freedom's limit It usually means imprisonment or represents the person is trapped in the circumstances. And he does not know what to do.

In this situation signs show the reason why a person is placed in such conditions.

Bars in Palmistry

Bars are formed by crossing secondary lines usually on the hills. Despite the place and shape they render negative information, showing a person wastes lots of time and energy because he does not ponder over his actions properly.

Bars on the flat hill is a sign of emotionally cold personality. Bars on the hill of normal size overpower positive qualities it is responsible for and increase negative characteristics.

Triangle in Palmistry

Tiny triangles can hardly ever occur. They represent the way a person thinks. Any person who has triangles is apt to see the essence of a problem. They are usually situated on the hill and the qualities the hills are responsible for are increased. Triangle is a good sign. It encourages success in research and creative work.

Circle in Palmistry

Circle on the palm can be rarely found. In most cases it is a sign of weakness. Though if it is situated on the hill Apollo it represents a great success and even glory.

Star in Palmistry

4 - 5 secondary lines can cross the way. They form a picture of a star. If this sign is situated on the hill it means a person is good and can obtain most in the sphere the hills responsible for. The best thing is a star situated on the hill of Jupiter. In this case the person will be honorable and respected for his success.

Cross in Palmistry

Represents changes. To determine whether a change is positive or negative one has to learn a main line properly. Only clear cross can give information. Negative cross represents failure and disappointment.

Island in Palmistry

Islands are depicted as little ovals on the main lines. Islands on a line of life shows the period of disease.

They mean that a person is disappointed and diffident if they are shown on the other lines.


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