Minor Lines in Palmistry

Line of Mars in Palmistry

The other name of the line is an internal line. As a rule, presence of the line usually absent at the present represents a person has coped with difficulties or overcome tense dangerous periods in his life.

This line is able to defend a person. It is a lucky sign.

Solomon's circle in Palmistry

Solomon's circle cannot be found on any hand as a rule it represents a disposition of a person to occultism. In addition to it this person has all opportunities to achieve success in this field because he is encouraged not by simple curiosity.

Bracelets in Palmistry

Parallel, clear distinguished bracelets are a sign of healthy, long and happy life. Chained upper bracelets predict unexpected happiness after big trouble.

The presence of line rising up to the Jupiter represents long and prosperous travel. The line coming from upper bracelets to the Sun represents trip to any hot country. The line coming from an upper bracelet to the Mercury means a sudden inheritance.

Each of the lines coming from upper bracelets to the Moon predicts a travel

Belt of Venus in Palmistry

The absence of the line means a person with a calm character who is able to control his feelings. Clear printed line tells of high emotional state, high excitability.

A broken line - a supersensitive state of its owner. If a line ends on the Mercury it is a sign of a large energetic potential and simultaneously disposition to extreme things.

Children line in Palmistry

How many children shall I have? The answer to this question was simple recently. Now, Children lines on a hand of the modern woman show only her potential opportunities.

Marriage lines in Palmistry

A clear printed Marriage line characterizes not only marriage itself but also close relationships and partnership. The number of lines shows a number of people whom a person has relationships with. Unclear hardly printed lines display a number of small intrigues of no importance in a person's life.

A break in the Marriage lines can represent divorce, split- up.

If broken lines cover each other the re-establishment will occur. A double line indicates simultaneous relation with 2 persons. The depth of each line represents the depth of relations. A clear-formed arch rising to the little finger represents a single life where there are relations with opposite sex.

Line of Apollo in Palmistry

The people who have such a line must be reliable. One can trust them completely. This line appears in most cases when a person knows what he wants to do and he works hard to get the aim.

Intuition line in Palmistry

The presence of this line is a sign of rather a sensitive impressive character. A person with a clear, distinguished line often becomes a prophet or foreteller.

Health line in Palmistry

As it could sound ridiculous but the absence of the line represents a sound health. A deep, clear line represents weak health and yield to illness.

A wave line - problems related to digestive system. An unclear, vague line is a sign of weak endurance. In the case if a line touches Life line it is necessary to draw one's attention to a person's state of health.

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