Marriage and Children in Palmistry

Long or short close relations but bright ones leaving traces on the person's life notwithstanding they are official or not are reflected on the hand. The Marriage line distinguishes mostly these relationships. Although the Marriage line shows a number of stable sexual relations. They are still secondary so they tend to change. Sometimes a weak line can disappear or become clear. But clear line can diminish. Lines of young people (youngsters) tend to change constantly. The hand is not formed yet approximately till 21-26 years old.

As a right hand for the right - hander is dominant so it reflects conscientious relations with partners, left - unconscientiously, i.e. aspiration to a partner, some definite plans of sexual character to some person than a sexual relation itself. To determine a number of children is the most difficult task in the palm reading. The number of short lines rising to the little finger out of the Marriage line usually represents a number of children.

The progress in the medicine and progress itself allows to preserve or even get rid of unexpected pregnancy. So a number of lines of a female reflect a number of possible children including abortion, miscarriages even of the little periods when a woman is not knowledgeable of her pregnancy. The lines of male represent a number of real children.

A number of clear lines - a number he can make a woman pregnant.


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