Hand Shapes

Your hand is what matters most in palmistry. Here, there is a debate on what should be the best hand that would be used when reading. The answer is that it depends on the experience and the instinct of the reader. It is usually said that the right hand should be used as the left contains what was determined but the right hand could be changed. Hands also have ten major types and it is the one that is used to indicate the specific traits that come with it.

Let us see some of it that is commonly used. One is the earth which is described as one that is broad and the palms are square. the skin is coarse or thick one. The air type of hand is one that has the characteristic of having a rectangular shape of the pam and the fingers are long. the knuckles may be protruding and the skin is dry. The thumbs may be low-set. The water type of hand is one that has short palms and they are mostly shaped in an oval.

The last type is the fire which could have its palm to be a rectangle in size or square in size. The fingers are shorter and the skin is usually pink or flushed. There is also the measurement that is the basis of the interpretation. It is not just in the ones that are described above. The length of the lines also is important. that is why training for palm reader is important.