Hand Lines

There are hand lines that are essential to making the palm reading successfully. In each hand of each person is a unique pattern of the lines but there are common lines that are being used in reading. In summary, there are 8 lines that are usually seen and it could also depend on what the client wants to know. There are the life line and the head line which talks or represents education. The heart line deals with the things related to relationships and also marriage.

The line of empathy is the girdle of venus and the girdle having the shape of a letter v means homosexual. The line of apollo which is the sun line is the one that deals with health, metaphysics, and the creativity side. The seventh line is the mercury line that will tell about travel and the communication side. The last one is fate line which comes from the wrist and then it will go upward. The three line that is mostly used and interpreted is the heart line, head line, heart line and the fate line.

The heart line is the most common first to be read by a palm reader. It can indicate the physical matter of the heart or the metaphorical version. It can also include representing depression or perspective concerning the heart. Each person can have their unique set of lines. The palm reader has already the guide on reading a palm. They can immediately say something upon seeing your palm.